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2/25/2003 9:11PM PKTUnicode Urdu Writer added. Lots of internal restructuring.
2/14/2003 10:20PM PKTTransliteration support added to the translator
10/4/2002 4:59AM PKT (DST)Second WAP Confirmation:
WAP Service: T-Mobile USA (GSM)
Phone: Samsung SGH-N105
WAP Browser: Openwave Browser 4.1.19k
Screen resolution: 128x50 pixels
8/16/2002 5:21PM PKT (DST)Unicode/Text support. Tested in Windows XP only. Should work in Windows 2000 as well. The text may be copied between compatible applications.
8/1/2002 8:00PM PKT (DST)Spider.tm awards ApniUrdu.com with title Best of Pakistan for 2002!
8/8/2002 9:06PM PKT (DST)Past and Future tenses support. Together with present/past continuous support. Major dictionary updates.
6/16/2002 12:27PM PKT (DST)SOAP v1.01, First Urdu Web Service released. [more]
6/2/2002 11:16AM PKT (DST)Verification received, WAP service working fine with Ufone Pakistan!
6/1/2002 6:04PM PKT (DST)SOAP v1.01, First Urdu Web Service released! Use the ApniUrdu.com engine remotely in your web site applications (Perl/ASP/PHP/Java/Ruby/Python etc) and in your VB/VC apps etc!
5/31/2002 5:38PM PKT (DST)Engine 1.02.03. Supports Post gender formatting.
5/30/2002 9:57PM PKT (DST)UrduWriter v1.02 with newline support.
5/24/2002 5:20PM PKT (DST)WAP service v1.01 released. (Sample). I have only tested it in the Ericsson emulator. To access, go to: http://apniurdu.com/wap from your cell phone/PDA. Use an emulator which supports compiled WML.
5/23/2002 10:19AM PKT (DST)UrduWriter v1.01 released. Requires Java v1.1
5/1/2002 7:37PM PKT (DST)Engine v1.02 released. Recognizes 'he'/'she' for gender formatting. Improved SAKTA, SAKTEY, SAKTAY, HOON, HAIN, HAI, HO. Please report any problems! Also reorganized internal files structure.
4/29/2002 6:43AM PKT (DST)Urdu script working in the form of separate images. Its easy to generate Urdu text as a single gif/jpg/png, but it uses too many CPU cycles. No advancements in sentence parsing. Used the font at http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Garden/4404/font.htm, by Farhan Maqsood as the base font for word forming. Of course, had to write my own context analysis.
4/26/2002 1:47AM PKT (DST)Dict v1.00.00 and Engine v1.00 released. Imported an English to Spanish dictionary to get a list of words, translated most of them into Urdu. Wrote the initial conversion system which can separate verb, subject, object etc... do manipulations and reconnect them to form a sentence, actually not that simple internally. :)

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